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Top Android Car Care Applications

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Car care is not a hectic task anymore. You do not need to learn about the different car mechanics and your dependence on your local mechanic will also decrease. Previously, car oil changing and fuel efficiency were very difficult to know. However, you can know all of these things through your Smartphones. Here are some of the top android applications through which you can ease yourself and get information about your car condition:


aCar is a useful application that keeps a complete database of your trips, fuel, and maintenance. It is available in free and pro version. The pro versions have extra specifications that are more helpful to guide you for your car maintenance. This gives you an estimate idea that when you require car maintenance.

Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

This application is free and you can do number of task through this single application. You can keep track of car mileage, gas prices, and average running per day. It guides you about oil change time, wheel alignment, air filter change, brake pad change, etc. The application has storage of data of thousands of cars and you can easily find your car information and benefit from it.

car maintenance app

Car Performance Free

Cp has capabilities that you can get from paid smart phone applications. It helps you to know the changes in your car ability after some modifications in your car. It uses the GPS system of your smart phone along with complex algorithms to examine the performance of your car. It is very easy to use. You can check your car changing acceleration and speed. It is very accurate in its calculations and many users have termed its results accurate in their reviews. You need to have a good internet running in your cell phone in order to support the functioning of CP.

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

If you h

ave an old car that only show you the speed of your vehicle, this GPS Speedometer can tell you many other things that might interest you. The Pro version is very advance and you can get updates of this application. The performance function of this application includes:

  • Present, top, and average speed
  • Directions
  • Time for drive

gps speedometer
The best feature of this car is that it is more accurate than your car’s internal speedometer. It is also suitable for running, biking and hiking. You can get speed graphs, speed warnings etc.

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