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3 Types Of Great Gadgets That Can Be Used In Classrooms

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These days, various advanced devices can be used in order to make the learning system more accessible and fun. Students can use their personal devices which are very efficient when it comes to an audience response system. How does it work? Basically, the audience is answering to various questions that a teacher asks just by clicking a button on their laptops and mobile devices.

audience response system

So, what devices can be used in order to get involved into this new learning system? This article is presenting you more details about this. Just remember that any type of gadget that you have is compatible with this modern technology so you don’t have to spend money in order to get a fancy, expensive and very high-tech device.

Cell phones or smartphones work great

If you have a smartphone then you are definitely ready to take advantage of this new method of learning. Basically, the software that enables you to participate to a lesson that is presented by a teacher is installed in your smartphone. Your gadget is linked to the one used by the teacher so when he inputs a question then you will get it on your smartphone’s screen. You also have the possibility to answer to this question as well, instantly.

If you don’t have a smartphone then you don’t have to worry. You can even use your cell phone that might not be that advanced. The answers will be sent as an SMS and you can still get full advantage of this modern method of learning.

Your laptop is excellent as well

Obviously, a laptop is perhaps the best gadget from them all. Again, the software is installed on your device and you can interact and participate to the lesson by clicking a few buttons. If you have a laptop then you have another great advantage. The screen is larger and you can clearly see all the texts, images and other items.


Your tablet is suitable too

Various people are starting to use tablets instead of laptops. There is no need to worry if you don’t have a laptop and you have chosen a tablet. Various companies are offering software that can be installed on tablets too, no matter what model your tablet is. So, you will be able to get involved into the learning process as well! If you are a teacher and you want to make your students to become more attracted to your lessons then think of this modern method seriously. Your lessons might be experienced at an advanced level and the feedback from your students will be positive.

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