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An happiness called TATA NANO

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TATA NANO is a name which doesn’t need any introductions. Some call it as “Lakhtakiya”, some call it “Aam Aadmi ki Car” and Tata calls it “Khushiyon ki Chaabi.”

tata nano exterior

Tata Nano is one of the biggest chapter in World’s Automobile Industry. This car has made a great impact around the globe. Tata Nano is a dream of Ratan Tata, Former CEO for TATA Industries, which came into existence all because of great dedication of Tata engineers and Ratan Tata too.

tata nano front

Ratan Tata promised to bring this car at a price tag of Rs.1,00,000. After his announcement the whole world was looking forward to Tata’s new creation. They were eager to know what was being built inside the Tata factory. And after a long wait Tata finally launched Nano. Though after adding the local taxes and other charges, it was not available at a price tag of exact 1,00,000 but it was close to the promised price tag.

Tata also faced many problems in manufacturing Tata Nano. First the protests at Singur, West Bengal, then the promised price tag, as the production cost increased a lot due to increasing prices of Raw Materials. However, Tata managed to scrape through all the issues. Post sales, reports of Nano catching fire also hurt Tata’s pet project a lot. But Tata Engineers came back in action and overcame all the problems.

tata nano interiors

Tata introduced many schemes and promotional offers to increase the sales of Tata Nano. Tata also collaborated with many banks to provide easy loans to customers who want to drive down a Tata Nano to their homes on EMI. Tata opened exclusive Nano showrooms in Urban as well as rural areas to increase its reach to interested customers.

Auto Experts from all over the globe also appreciated Tata’s work and dedication called Tata Nano. Though Indians were a bit confused about Tata Nano at first, with time they started believing in Tata Nano and its sales figures increased. Middle class families who owned a two wheeler earlier are now switching to their first car Tata Nano.

tata nano onroad

The Joy of moving in a four wheeler with your family is anyday better than that of a two wheeler. And Tata is to be thanked for providing this nice experience to Indians. The feeling of owning a four wheeler in India is just awesome. Thanks TATA !!!


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