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How Big is Your Family? Sounds Like You Need a People-Mover!

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In decades past, a people-mover was the vehicle that nobody really wanted. The large size was anything but cool, and it was only purchased as a last resort for large families. Today, however, that stigma is gone entirely. Even seven-seat family cars are designed to be stylish, and they have more benefits than you might previously have thought. Along with holding all the members of your growing family or transporting friends to daily activities, a van or people-mover boasts financial benefits, great driving features and plenty of space for storage needs. Here are a few of the specific advantages of owning a people-mover as well as some of the top options on the market today.

Comfortable Seats for the Whole Family
The biggest reason that families invest in people-movers is simply because they can comfortably seat growing families. Two parents and three children might technically be able to fit into a standard five-seat car, but there will be little room for storage and no room for extra luggage – let alone pets! In addition, those seeking to shuttle the children and half their sports team off to training will be glad they stepped into a people mover!

family cars

Perfect for Storage and Moving
When many people think of moving large items or transporting several boxes, they imagine a ute or a moving van as the only suitable options. Believe it or not, a people-mover boasts some impressive storage capabilities. The third row of seating typically folds down completely flat, which gives you room in the boot as well as in the flat space in order to place boxes or larger items. When travelling on longer road trips, this is also a great place to store extra luggage.

Surprising Financial Benefits
Compared with most standard five-seat vehicles, many people-movers are slightly more fuel efficient overall, which over the long term can be kinder on your pocket. Not only that, but those with large families embarking on a holiday can often save hundreds of dollars by taking a road trip rather than flying. Okay, it may extend your travel time, but it’s a small price to pay in the scheme of things.

Toyota Tarago

Great Driving Features
For what was once considered to be a box on wheels, today, most people-movers actually boast great driving features like impressive safety standards, high-quality audio systems and a comfortable ride.

Here are a few examples of people-movers that have recently come out on top:

Honda Odyssey: For families that need seven seats but don’t like the traditional look of a people-mover, the Honda Odyssey is the perfect fit. The interior is luxurious, which is even more impressive when you take into account a starting price of around $37k. Other top functions include a touch-screen interface, a satellite navigation system and a five-speed automatic transmission.

honda odyssey

Kia Grand Carnival: For years, the Kia Grand Carnival has been the favourite people-mover among Australian families in terms of sales. With eight seats and the purr of a 2.2-litre diesel engine, the Kia Grand Carnival perfectly satisfies the need for family travel and serious motoring. Even those who haven’t driven such a large vehicle can do so easily thanks to the Grand Carnival’s reversing camera and helpful sensors. This people-mover is a great choice for families looking for plenty of space and an efficient vehicle.

Kia Grand Carnival Diesel

Hyundai iMax: Some families immediately bypass this Hyundai model because it doesn’t offer the flat-folding back row seats that help to store extra luggage. However, if that isn’t a priority for you, the Hyundai iMax has a lot of advantages worth taking into consideration. The four-cylinder diesel engine is efficient, which can save the driver money in the long run, and it comfortably seats eight passengers. 

Hyundai iMax

There are a number of seven- and eight-seater family cars on the market that can comfortably seat your family today and as it grows in the future. With stylish new models, great driving features and impressive fuel efficiency, these people-movers are more enjoyable to drive than you might expect.

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