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5 Must-Know Ways Of Making Your Vehicle Graphics Stand Out

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Marketing has gone to a completely new level with most businesses capitalizing on it. In business today, reaching out to the consumer is proving to work in increasing sales. Therefore the more loud and spread out your ad is, the more sales you are likely to get.

The new trend on marketing is the use of vehicle graphics to market different products. These ads are created with an aim of commanding attention on the road. The designs are creative and witty, hence they attract masses to themselves. If you plan to market with this concept, you must be able to think outside the box so that your advert can stand out and be seen. The following are tips to help you achieve that.

car graphics

  • Consider the message that you are putting across

The first thing that should strike your target is your message. Your vehicle wrap will be moving along on the road and this can reduce visibility. You do not have to put all the services, products and benefits since they will be too many to read as the vehicle moves by. Keep it simple by using your company name, a tag line and contacts. Make your tag line as interesting as possible.

  • Use smart tools to make your design

The way you make your design will affect the outcome. There are many tools to help you come up with unique graphics. These include Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many others. This way, you can have a wide scope on creativity and you can be sure that your image will not pixelate when it is blown up to a big size.

car graphisc

  • Use a good color scheme

Use colors that are legible from a distance. A good color contrast will make it easy for your words to be legible even as the vehicle moves.

  • Use complementing images

car graphics

Modern technology allows you to be able to use any image that you can create. Keep it simple and understandable. Make sure that you do not go overboard with the images, especially when working with big vehicles. The image should be used to complement your message and not take over.

  • Wording

Your message and contact information should be legible as the vehicle moves. Make sure that you choose a clear font that is easy to read. Use a simple language for your message to get by easily. Your spacing also matters hence it should be just right. You can reverse the text on your hood to make it readable by someone who is using a rear view mirror.

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