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Benefits Of Facebook Graph Search For Your Brand

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The introduction of the Facebook graph search has taken the whole Facebook search to the next level. Compared to the old way of searching for information in Facebook, the Facebook graph search does provide a more personalized way of searching for related information. The question on every business owner’s mind however is how Facebook graph search can help improve your brand? The following are great ways through which Facebook graph search can greatly improve your brand hence making you more visible and profitable.

facebook graph search

Wikipedia Information

Whenever a client uses the Facebook graph search snippets of information are displayed to the client. This is quite helpful as the client will be able to get vital information about your business and brand. It is however very crucial that your information is up to date so that clients get only relevant information.

Claimed Territory

The Facebook graph search works by simply listing the results from as many businesses as possible that meets the clients search criteria. The search is also dependent on location hence the list will be determined by the businesses in that particular location. Therefore the more pages your brand has the easier it will be for your clients to find you using Facebook graph search.

More about You

Facebook graph search tends to rely a lot on the information that your business provides. Businesses with up to date information tend to receive more clients as they are able to get relevant information. Facebook graph search enhances online marketing.


Facebook has tried to connect users of Facebook graph search to information that their friends search for. Therefore whenever an individual searches for a particular brand, the result is often based on what most of his or her friends are searching for.

A good example is when you search for restaurants within a particular area; the most popular restaurants will be those that your friends find particularly interesting. It is often a very good idea to always encourage visitors to your Facebook page to like your page and if possible share information and photos with their friends. This will greatly improve your visibility and popularity.

Common Interests

Facebook graph search often works based on common interests thus a particular brand can be made popular within a particular interest group. Businesses should ensure that their brands have a very strong Facebook presence in order to greatly improve the chances of their brand being found during a Facebook graph search. A good Facebook presence does work wonders for a brand.

Facebook graph provides one of the best avenues for businesses to market their brands to more clients. Businesses should however go out of their way to ensure that they do their part in order to ensure that they are not only popular but also offer up to date information to potential clients. Some of the world renowned brands are aware of the potential posed by taking advantage of the Facebook graph hence they have gone out of their way to ensure that their brands are well represented.

About Author: Zeckman is the Marketing Manager for Zeckman started with TopRanks in 2005.  Follow her at or on Twitter.

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