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How to Change a Tyre?

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These days owing a car is a great thing, as it symbolizes the status of an individual in the society. A car is an expensive asset hence need some attention to work smoothly , especially when they break down or have small repairs . All car owners must posses necessary skill to work out small repairs quickly and easily in case of emergency. However it is important to get regular maintenance and services to keep running car on the roads smoothly. Mechanics charge heavily for a small car repair, hence as a owner of a car you must know how to handle small issues related to car.

car tyres

The important and only component of the car’s body, that regularly comes in contact with the earth’s surface are tyres, because of it tyres get prone to the faults. Therefore it is essential for every car owner to have enough knowledge about changing a car tyre. Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace a tyre yourself quickly and safely? Changing a tire is not possible without the help of the right tools. It includes a jack and wheel brace. Lets discuss simple instructions step by step and tools required to change a tyre:

Step 1

A Flat and solid surface is the perfect place for changing car tires. It will restrict the car from rolling. Avoid soft and hilly areas for replacing tyres. So find a safe place. Turn on emergency light and park your car away from the traffic if possible, to avoid accidents.

Step 2

Put the car into parking position and apply parking brake.

car tyresStep 3

Put a heavy object such as rock, concrete etc. in front of the front and back tyres. Placing a heavy object restricts your car from rolling.

Step 4

Take the jack and Place it under the car frame of near by tyre that you’re going to change. Make sure that jack should be in contact with the metal portions of your car’s frame. If the jack is not placed on the right spot , it may crack while you start lifting. This usually happens car tyres designed with moulded plastic.

Step 5

Raise the jack till it supports. But the position of the jack must be perpendicular to the ground.

Step 6

Loosen the nuts turning towards clockwise. Make sure that it should not be taken off all the way. Just you have to break the resistance. Use the wrench given in your tool box to open nuts. Wrench may have different sizes of openings for different sides. Choose the correct wrench for opening.

Step 7

You need force to lift the tyre high enough and remove the burst tire and replace with a spare one. While lifting make sure that the car is in a stable position.

Step 8

Remove the remaining nuts completely turning counter clockwise.

Step 9

Now remove the tire and Place the flat tyre beneath the vehicle. This is incase jack get failure, vehicle will fall on the old tyre, thus prevents from injuries.

Step 10

Place the spare tyre on the hub and tighten the nuts by hands first and then use a wrench for tightening nuts as much as possible.

Step 11

Now lower down the car without applying full pressure on the tyre. Now again tighten the nuts and lower down the car fully on the ground and remove the jack.

Step 12

Finish tightening nuts and check once before removing the hub cap. Thus your car tyre is replaced safely without taking help of others.

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