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SharePoint 2013 Best features Your Company Can Nab

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Microsoft’s latest SharePoint 2013 is an enterprise platform for records management, document management, content management and workflow. For enterprises and companies, SharePoint development specified for the company can improve organizational effectiveness through a unified platform.

Worley Parsons

SharePoint also has additional marketing capabilities. They are listed below:

• Better SEO functionality

• Web forms

• Web calendars

• Newsletter tools

• Web forums

• Search

• Blogs, surveys, ratings

• E-commerce

SharePoint if developed and done right can boost business. A good and well developed SharePoint also can be coded to adapt to different browsers.

Best SharePoint Features You Can Have

1. Accessibility of documents. Having this feature can help your documents organization. These official documents can even be accessed through the web or office programs.

2. Workflow capabilities. This makes everything easy for the approval and the distribution process of a company. You don’t have to push papers anymore; SharePoint is there to make it easy.

3. Email archiving. Big companies often have a problem with these things but through SharePoint, there can be compliance suitability.

4. Storage of Content. SharePoint offers flexibility when it comes to storage of content. It can admit structured and unstructured one too.

5. SharePoint is customization. You can integrate in it all your needs and remove what you deem is not important.

6. Content discoverability. SharePoint offers a powerful content discoverability. You don’t have to be scouring haystack to gather information about a pin, via full text search, you are solved.

What are the benefits of a commissioning a SharePoint development?

SharePoint is built on ASP.NET and SQL server and that makes it stable. With SharePoint you can have a customized branding as well as good content management for web and in house documents. A company employing SharePoint can also benefit from the efficiency of the platform through security, content policies and workflow.

With SharePoint, one can search data and people easily as well as organize it. Your site is fully automated with all the work that needs to be done thus paper work is reduced.

The next big step you have to do then is to look for the best and experienced SharePoint developers who can code it to your specifications. As SharePoint is built to address business problems solving, it should be best if you also have a developer that will understand business and is intricacies. You yourself should know first the best practices there is in this platform then you’re on for the next big step.

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