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Some Handy DIY Tips For Initiating A Keyless Entry In A Chevy Silverado

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Chevy Silverado is the latest addition to the long line of full-size pick-up trucks by General Motors. Chevy Silverado and its counterpart, the GMC Sierra has been there since 1930 and was originally named after the detail of the trim. The long line of Silverado and Sierra includes light-duty trucks as well as half-ton, hybrid and SS.

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Advantages of Keyless Entry

Though the Sierra and Silverado are one of the most popular pickup trucks in United States of America and Europe, some of the models do not have keyless entry. Keyless entry is a very handy facility that comes in use so many times during the day. Here’s a quick peek into the advantages of keyless entry:

  • Always helps when you have your hands full
  • Increased personal safety with keyless entry
  • Reduces damages from key scratches

How does keyless entry work?

Normally, cars that have keyless entry work on the basis of a pulse that is sent from the remote device. The remote device needs to be within a certain range for the car to receive the signal and activate its systems accordingly. When the car recognizes the signal, it automatically activates the electronics systems and opens the door locks.

Best ways to program a keyless entry for a Chevy Silverado

For those people who own a Chevy Silverado but do not have a keyless entry can follow a few simple steps to program a keyless entry into your car.

  • Get into the car and close all the vehicle doors.
  • Insert the key in the ignition lock, but be careful that you don’t turn on the ignition switch.
  • Press the Door Lock switch and hold it for a few seconds. Do not release the switch otherwise the process would not work. The switch is located on the vehicle door.
  • All the while, you have to hold the switch in the unlock position, turn the ignition switch on and off three times. If you have a 2003 Diesel Duramax 2500HD or a 2002 HD, you need to turn the switch on and off only 2 times.
  • Now, let the door lock switch freely. The doors will first lock themselves and then unlock themselves to signal that the program has been initiated.
  • Now in order to program the car, procure a keyless remote. Press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK switch positions for 15 seconds at least, so that the doors can program themselves.
  • You can repeat this step for up to four transmitters. Any pre-existing commands would get erased allowing you to program your vehicle’s mechanism.
  • Now that the programming is complete, turn on the ignition switch to signal the completion of the procedure.
  • Feel free to test the transmitter functions and all other features in the car to make sure everything is working as it is supposed to be.
chevy silverado keyless entry

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You might find that there are dealerships that would be more than happy to make these slight adjustments for you, but they might as well charge you up to $50 for this simple procedure. Try this on and enjoy your new keyless entry.

Today’s guest post is authored by Zack Skye. He is passionate only about two things in life: technology and cars. He tells his reader to watch news to know more about the popular Mouser Brand.

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