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Top 5 Cool Unique Electronics Gadget Ideas in 2013

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If you are into checking out the latest unique cool electronic gadgets, you are in it for a fun ride. Because 2013 has been a fantastic year with many creative unique electronic gadgets you can enjoy using. Whether you are looking for some interesting gadgets to get for yourself, or perhaps as a gift for a friend or your boyfriend’s birthday, you are going to discover more about the latest and greatest cool electronic gadgets and accessories in 2013.

Top 5 Cool Unique Electronics Gadget Ideas in 2013

1. Pocket Photo Printer

Living in a world where everyone have either a separate camera or a mobile phone with a high-quality built-in camera, have you ever wished you could have your photos printed out instantly to capture important moments on paper? Now while you have your good old printer at home, it is too bulky to carry it around with you – especially on vacations which is when you may like to print out photos the most.

Now with the new portable pocket photo printers, you can easily have access to print your photos anywhere you are. Easy to use with a simple rechargeable battery, you don’t even need to have access to electricity in order to use them. So you can simply print out your photos while on the road.

2. Cool Mouse Pads

Wild Wolf Mouse Pad

While laptops have become a popular part of everyone’s life, we still feel comfortable with the good old mouse technology sometimes. There are many new creative designs for cool mouse pads available in 2013 – from funny designs such as hamburgers, monsters, carpets, and golf courses to other creative cool mouse pads designs such as skeletons, cute funny baby faces, and even personalized mouse pads that have your photos printed.

3. Digital Pocket Scales

Digital Pocket Jewelry Scale

Until several years ago, scales used to be large and bulky. But the latest technology has made it possible to add small and portable digital pocket scales to the latest list of cool electronic gadgets. You can simply carry them around or simply keep one in the car.

4. iPad Document Scanner

document scanners

While you always have iPad with you, have you ever wished you could sometimes scan a photo or an important document inside? While normal scanners are heavy and bulky to carry around, the latest portable document scanners are a breeze to use. Using long-lasting rechargeable batteries, this new unique electronic gadget is the perfect accessory to have next to your iPad – at home, in the office, or even on vacation.

5. Portable Mobile Phone Speaker Docks

 Amplifier Speaker

While the latest mobile phones usually come with a decent built-in speaker, the small size of it doesn’t really allow for a fully impressive sound quality – especially when you would like to listen to some loud music outdoors. The good news is, the latest unique electronic gadget will help you solve this issue.

Using the new stylish portable mobile phone speaker docks, you can easily connect your iPhone or Android phone directly to the dock and enjoy a high quality stereo music playback – at home, in parties, or even on the beach.

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