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Cloud Computing – Future Trends

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The buzz surrounding cloud computing doesn’t stop and its popularity is expected to grow at the same pace in the following years. By now, the cloud has reached most parts of the world and is readily adopted in all kinds of settings. Business environment has particularly benefited from using cloud solutions, but there is still more than enough space for their further development. Leading technology experts predict a bright future for the cloud, particularly in the aspects outlined below.

Cloud Computing

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Cloud Jobs

Cloud computing has been transforming tech industry for years and this has often raised the question of its possible impact on the future job market. Many experts have predicted that the cloud will bring significant reductions in the number of available job positions. It is widely considered that the shared platform eliminates the need for IT teams in companies where this is not the key area. However, current trends suggest a different situation. Being a cost-efficient platform, the cloud enabled rapid development of startups and SMBs. Information technology industry has benefited most, but IT workforce still has a lot to learn about the cloud. This platform opens plenty of possibilities, which allows employees to continue learning about it and advance together with it.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is frequently regarded as a major cloud trend of the future. This particularly refers to processing big data, which is now a growing focus of many developing businesses. Even small to medium sized enterprises have expanded their market beyond national borders and this resulted in a significant growth of digital data they need to process. Web giants such as Twitter and organizations such as NASA have been processing their data in the cloud for years. The cloud represents the leading power when it comes to big data and its significance in this field is clear to every larger enterprise.

cloud computing

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Worldwide Expansion

Though the US has long shifted huge amounts of data to the cloud, other parts of the world are yet to achieve the full cloud experience. Adopting an appropriate cloud strategy has been one of the daunting issues for Europe in the previous couple of years. However, since they managed to outline a comprehensive long-term strategy last year, there seem to be no bigger impediments for a major cloud adoption on this continent. Europeans are still said to be afraid of the US clouds in terms of data security. Still, once the first wave of the fear passes, it is expected that Europe will follow the US when it comes to cloud adoption. Similarly, Asia and Africa are expected to follow this trend as well.

Mobile Cloud

Cloud computing and mobile platforms are seen as two related and highly important tech trends at present. Cloud has significantly contributed to a rapid adoption of mobile devices and developers increasingly shift their focus to this platform. Cloud has contributed to improving the overall performance of mobile devices in many ways. Considering the increase in the number of mobile users and the development of cloud solutions, it is obvious that these two trends are further to grow parallel to each other.

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