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How To Make An Old Car Look New?

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Car parts are getting cheaper and easier to source with the rise of the online motor parts industry. As a result, many people are choosing to carry out quick fixes themselves. If all the mechanical components of your car are working, then all you need to make your aged car look more attractive to a potential buyer is a little bit of elbow grease, and a few cosmetic changes. Any broken car parts such cracked wing mirrors, can be sourced from an online car parts supplier. Here’s a few quick fixes you can do to spruce up your motor:

Clean And Wax The Exterior

A clean car always gives off the impression that the car is well-maintained and cared for. To clean your car: first rinse it down with the hose; then use a microfiber cloth to wipe it down (not forgetting the undercarriage and wheels); rinse the soap off; dry the car with a microfiber cloth; use a damp sponge to evenly apply a small amount of wax in circular motions; after a few minutes, use a microfiber cloth to remove the wax. To avoid streaky windows, use a glass-polishing cloth to shine them.

Blacken Tyres And Trims

A great way to make tyres and trims look like new is to use blackener solution. This is a special cream-like solution that restores the deep black colour of tyres and trims. It also helps to build a protective layer against dirt and insects.

Restoring an old car

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Clean The Lens

While you are cleaning your car’s exterior you should take the opportunity to remove the front and rear lens. The lens can trap insects and dirt that builds up over time. Clean the lens thoroughly and check brake lights and headlights to see if they need replacement bulbs. If you notice any cracks in your lens covers, log on to an online car parts store and order new ones before the cracks get worse.

Valet The Interior

To correctly clean your car’s interior: first take out your car mats, shake them out and vacuum them; then hoover every nook and cranny, including air vents and underneath seats and pedals; dust the dashboard and shine the windows. If you want to deep clean the interior fabric use specialised upholstery or leather cleaner.

Replace Car Mats

After a while, it doesn’t matter how much shaking out and vacuuming you to do to your car mats, they will still look worn and tattered. An instant way to make the interior of your car look new is to purchase brand new car mats. New car mats will make the car look and feel newer and will protect your car’s floor from mud and dirt.

Replace Old Hubcaps

Even if your car is shiny and clean, any cracked or missing hub caps will stand out like a sore thumb. This eyesore can be easily rectified by fixing new hubcaps. This is definitely one of the easiest and most effective ways to making your car look more attractive.

Replace Broken Wing Mirrors

Broken mirrors signal to a potential buyer that the owner didn’t look after the car. If a car owner isn’t bothered replacing broken mirrors, then what have they not bothered fixing underneath the hood?

About Author: This article was written by Jenna Crotty who recommends for car parts.

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