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The Many Different Types Of Headlights For Your Car

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Whether you know it or not, there are actually a variety of car headlights out there. Some have come about as a result of the evolution of the automobile industry, while others are still only available on certain high-end models. To learn more about the different types of car headlights out there, read the descriptions of some of the most common ones available below.


incandescent headlights

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Incandescent headlights have been used in various automobiles, from cars to large trucks, for over a century, yet there is new technology out there that works better than these old-fashioned headlights. These headlights use incandescent bulbs, just like the ones that you use around your home or office. But, rest assured, they are much more powerful so that they can illuminate dark roads and help you find your way through hazardous weather conditions on the road. These headlights are found in many of the automobiles available on the market today, especially American vehicles, and they are tried and true and easy to replace.

Tungsten Halogen

Tungsten Halogen

The next step up from an incandescent headlight is a tungsten halogen one. These headlights are pretty much the same as incandescent bulbs, but they last longer, thanks to the halogen gas within the bulb that allows the filament to last longer than it would in traditional incandescent headlights. The halogen also prevents the tungsten filament in these bulbs from causing the glass of the headlamp to turn black, so you always get a bright light coming from these headlights. These headlights can be recognized easily, thanks to their warm yellow glow, and they are probably the most common on the market today.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) or Xenon

HID Xenon

Also known as Xenon headlights, HID bulbs are a newer type of headlight to hit the automobile market in recent years. They have actually been manufactured since around 1991 but were mainly found in more expensive vehicles. Today, they are far more common on the road, and they are unmistakable, thanks to their extremely bright output. In place of a filament, a High Intensity Discharge headlight uses two electrodes, and the headlight itself is filled with xenon gas. These headlights give off a light that has a blue hue to it, and many other drivers complain that these headlights are nearly blinding because they are so bright. So while they may be great for the operator of a vehicle with HID headlights, they may be quite bothersome, if not dangerous, to other drivers on the road.


LED Headlights

The main problem with LED headlights is the fact that they give off too much heat. Otherwise, though, they are very energy efficient. Cars with rings or strips of smaller headlights around the main front lights sport LED bulbs. These bulbs last a very long time and give off a very cool, bright light compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs. As technology continues to improve, LED bulbs may someday be found as the main front headlights on most vehicles on the road.

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