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Top Green Tips For Cars

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Although everyone loves the convenience of their automobile, driving from point A to point B creates a ton of greenhouse gases that lead to pollution and climate change are a major strain on the environment. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint by getting more mileage out of your car, here are a few tips that can turn even the biggest gas-guzzling cars into fuel sippers.

Technique And Economy

The way that you drive has a lot to deal with how much gasoline you go through and how much waste you create. Accelerating quickly is, by far, the most fuel-intensive act for a vehicle, so being able to slowly but surely accelerate in any situation, whether you are at a stop light or getting onto the freeway, will require less gas than flooring it in order to quickly go from zero to sixty. As frustrating as it may be, furthermore, to drive the speed limit, it does create much less strain on your engine. The speed limits in most states are very close to the optimal fuel efficiency for any given car, so being a good citizen and following the driving limit can go a long way towards minimizing carbon production.

Truck Filled with Cash

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Offset The Fuel You Use

There is a great deal of money available in the green industry for drivers today. Being able to use carbon credits and carbon offsets is a way to neutralize or even eliminate the negative effects of the fuel that you use. Carbon credits can be used by small business owners, furthermore, to get tax breaks from the government.


car pooling

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A mid-size sedan will only burn about one extra gallon per one hundred gallons per additional passenger. Being able to bring in other people into your daily commute is a great way to cut the amount of gas you burn in half; being able to commute with three or four people will cut it down to a fraction. Not only do you save gas, but you also save money on the price of gas along with tolls and parking fees.

Minimizing Resistance

The amount of air that pushes against a car is quite significant. By eliminating the stress that your car pushes against, you boost its fuel efficiency. Removing roof racks, wind deflectors, and using low profile tires are all ways to keep cars from burning through too much gasoline in order to get to where you want to go.

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