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Get Your Car Prepared For the Family Summer Holiday

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Get set for a smooth and stress-free family road trip during this summer holidays with our handy hints and tips.

Nothing says summer like a good old fashioned family road trip in ole Blighty. Whether you’re heading to the country or the coast, make sure your wheels are ready and prepared for a burst of family fun.  Take some of our top tips for preparing your car to keep costs low, safety high and all the family comfortable…

Get your vehicle is in excellent working order

Drive confidently with a car you know is fully up to scratch. Make sure your MOT and servicing are all up to date and that you have replaced any car parts that need to be changed Give your car a good clean too, a squeaky clean windscreen means improved visibility and less chance of an accident.

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Before you set off, check your oil and tires, so there won’t be any nasty surprises whilst on the road. Think about getting some breakdown cover from a company like the AA or the RAC – although it may feel like an extra expense, when you’re waiting by the side of the road to be rescued you’ll be grateful you splashed out a little more.

Plan your journey

It’s a good idea to work out how you’re going to reach your destination prior to your departure. You could use a good old fashioned map, or alternatively step well and truly into the 21st century with a GPS system. Try Waze – a real-time, community based navigation app that lets a community of drivers communicate with each other about road works or traffic jams ahead.

For an added element of adventure, get the kids to help you plan the route. This way you can take a few diversions and explore historical sites and monuments, or find interesting and educational museums for all the family to explore. Who says a road trip is simply about getting from A to B?

Remember to check the BBC live traffic feed before you set off, to see if there are any major disruptions on your planned route.

The makings of a comfortable trip

If you’re going to be trapped in a car for a number of hours with your 2.4 kids and the family pet, make sure you’ve made provisions to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

A good clean out of the inside of your car will make it a much more pleasant environment to pass the time in, particularly if temperatures start to rise. You should also pack some food and water to stay hydrated and alert for a long drive.

If you’re travelling with small kids (or even big kids who can get a bit fidgety) it’s a good idea to plan some fun games for the car. There are old classics like the license plate game (where you make ridiculous phrases from the letters in license plates you pass) or the family favourite I Spy. Make some compilation CDs for the more chilled out moments, and let everyone have some input to cater to all tastes.

Don’t overpack

There is only so much weight your car can carry and any excess really ups your fuel consumption, so remember to pack light. Travelista fashion blog offers several tips for packing light such as choosing versatile clothing and footwear, sticking to outfits you can mix and match, picking light materials and using double duty toiletry items such as combined shampoo and conditioner.

How do you prepare for a family trip in the car?

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