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Here’s Some of The Best Smartphone Apps for Busy Moms

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Mothers are hands down the busiest member of the family. Between housework, office work, taking care of the kids, and everything that happens after school hours, it takes an expert’s hands to keep everything together at the end of the day. There are moments, however, when things become a little too impossible even for the best of moms. For these moments, here are a dozen apps that give mothers the extra hand that gets the job done -


ShopSavvy app

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ShopSavvy creates multiple shopping lists for different stores. It compares item prices across stores and gets you the best bang out of your buck. It also matches coupons to grocery purchases. The Shopsavvy has a sync feature that allows you to share your grocery list with the rest of the family, so you are sure to get exactly everything you need.

Mom’s Personal Assistant

Mom's Personal Assistant app

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Mom’s Personal Assistant is an organizer app that takes care of your to-do lists and tasks. It also has the ability to sync up your calendar to your appointment and even to your grocery lists. Its location assistance feature helps you find out the nearest places where you can complete your errands.

WebMD Mobile

WebMD app

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WebMD Mobile is essentially an all in one medical resource. This apps’ symptom checker feature allows you to closely examine what you and your family are feeling before heading out to the doctor. WebMD Mobile comes with first aid section, drug warnings, local health listings, and practically every piece of information that you get from the pros.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club app

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Nike Training Club helps keep you in shape despite your busy schedule. It functions as your personal trainer and offers 85 different custom-built workouts that come with detailed instructions and audio support. This app offers exclusive rewards from celebrity trainers that help you keep motivated all the time.

Mint Personal Finance app

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Mint is the ideal financial management app that helps you keep track of your finances. It categorizes all your transactions including checking, savings, credit, and investments. Mint is perfect for making flexible monthly budget for your family. Mint allows you to sync up with necessary financial institutions and manage everything from credit cards, bank accounts, investments, personal income, and any other assets or expenditures in real time.

Mom Maps

Mom Maps iphone app

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Mom Maps is the deal app for mothers who love to travel with their kids. Mom Maps helps you find the most kid-friendly places such as parks, restaurants, museums and even fun indoor establishments wherever you are. Mom Maps also offers first hand reviews that helps you decide on great kid-friendly hangouts. It uses your phone location to give you necessary information such as address and directions.


BigOven 250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List

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Bigoven is an app that offers more than 250 recipes. More than a digital cookbook, this app updates grocery list and provides menu on your smartphone. Bigoven also offers tutorials on how to spice up leftovers and allows you to share all your favourite recipes with your friends.

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