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The YotaPhone: Russia’s Entry To The Smartphone Market

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When people talk about Smartphone devices, the most common manufacturer’s being mentioned come from the U.S., Korea and China. However, Russia is attempting to capture a large chunk of the market by introducing its YotaPhone, the first Smartphone device with dual displays.

Design. At first look, the YotaPhone’s front panel design does not look significantly different from the latest Smartphone models that have come out. It has a glossy black bezel body with a 4.3 inch Super LCD display in the center. A front facing camera is located at the center just above the display screen. As with other Smartphone devices, the YotaPhone does not have any physical buttons at the front but have the physical ports, jacks, volume rocker and power buttons located along its edges. The YotaPhone is a lot smaller than most of the high end Smartphone devices that have come out recently. With its 5.2×2.6x.4 inches dimensions and 4.9 ounce weight, it is more palm-friendly than other devices with 4.3 to 5 inch displays.

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What is unique about the YotaPhone’s design is that the back panel holds another 4.3 inch ePaper display (EPD) screen. This screen serves as a secondary screen which can display grayscale notifications.

Performance. The YotaPhone is powered by a 1.5 GHz Dual Core processor using the QUALCOMM MSM 8960 chipset. Although this handset does not have the Quad Core processors as the other Smartphone devices that are coming out, it has a standard Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System with a 2GM RAM which help the phone handle multiple applications at once. For storage performance, the YotaPhone comes in a 32GB or a 64GB version. There is no option for expandable memory though. The YotaPhone does not have any virtual designated buttons to navigate the menus instead; the YotaPhone navigates through a series of gestures.

Connectivity. As with most Smartphone devices that have come out, the YotaPhone has connectivity capabilities that would allow its users to both use a carrier’s GSM network or a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication that can be subscribed from companies such as RingCentral VoIP services or which can be downloaded for free. Having a subscribed VoIP however will give you a more stable communication.

The EPD Screen. The most unique feature that sets the YotaPhone apart from the rest is its EPD or ePaper Display on the back. This 4.3 inch display uses an e-ink display technology conserves more battery resources than the colored HD display at the front. Although the display comes only in grayscale, the b-side display is always turned on. This means that notifications can easily be read on the b-side display without having to turn on or wake your device up. This will allow you to post anything such as a shopping list or a map on the b-side display so that you can easily glance at it without having to use up your battery time. Another practical use of this b-side EPD screen is that it can serve as an e-reader.

The YotaPhone’s unique dual screen feature, although it is only in grayscale, has a strong potential of making the YotaPhone a sought after phone this 2013. However, there are still a lot of quirks that the manufacturer of this device can address to improve the chances of this phone to becoming a hit this 2013.

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