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4 Computer Programs That Allows Online Voice Communication

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Communication has changed in a lot of ways every since prehistoric time. In the past, people used to use pigeons to communicate, and then the telephone was invented. Pretty soon, the Internet has been invented and numerous other ways to communicated were introduced. Because of the Internet, it is possible to hear someone’s voice using the computer. Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP is commonly used in business nowadays since it allows companies to reduce their network communication costs. Today, there are numerous types of software out there that allows people to call each other online. Here are some examples:

  • Windows Live Messenger – This software is known as the MSN Messenger before it got its current name. The Windows Live Messenger used to be the most popular messaging client before others stole the show. It is one of the first clients that provided Voice Over Internet Protocol to any online user. In 2012, Microsoft announced that the Windows Live Messenger and another client, Skype, will be merging. The Messenger is expected to phase out in 2013.
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  • Skype – Skype is one of the most popular instant messaging clients today being used by millions of online users. It was released in 2013 by Estonian developers. In 2011, Skype has been purchased by Microsoft and has been developed since to suit various business needs. Skype allows people to communicate through chatting, by voice messaging, and even webcam messaging. A lot of people love to use Skype because it allows them to communicate to other Skype users for free. Using Skype to call landline phones and mobile phones is also possible but that would cost the caller.
  • Yahoo! Messenger – Another popular client is Yahoo! Messenger, previously known as Yahoo! Pager. It can be downloaded from the official Yahoo! website and could be used to communicate to anyone through voice and chat for free. At the height of its popularity, Yahoo! Messenger was mainly used for chatting. Public chat rooms are available for every Yahoo! Messenger user but these chat rooms have been closed in 2012 due to various concerns.
  • Google Voice – Another interesting telecommunications client available to the public is Google Voice. Like Yahoo! Messenger, Google Voice could also be downloaded online for free. It is available to anyone who has a Gmail account. Some of the awesome features of Google Voice aside from the main messaging features include voicemail, text messaging, conference calling, and a whole lot more.
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