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Spice Up Your Driving Experience With These Cool Car Gadgets!

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Driving can be a little tiresome at times, especially when you are faced with traffic jams and idiotic drivers to contend with. As we live in a world that seems to be obsessed with automation and gadgetry, why not use a little of this to make our journey a more pleasant activity? As well as some truly dreadful innovations aimed at the driving experience, there happen to be some very useful and enjoyable ones. This article looks at the second group of vehicular inventions and gives an unbiased opinion, well almost!

Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi – $249.99


Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi

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Our first useful car gadget is a very cool offering from the clever folk over at Delphi, and they have developed a very nice vehicle diagnostics device for you lucky motorists out there. It has a very comprehensive database that will analyse most car engine issues with relative ease. Once the device has been connected to your car’s ECU you can use your smartphone or PC to investigate any weird noises or display lights. You can also use the device to open your car if the keys have been lost or locked inside.

You have full GPS functionality and can keep an eye on your kids if they ever borrow your car in the future. You can always see exactly what speed the car is being driven at and whether or not too much fuel is being burned unnecessarily. You can also start the car remotely and double check if the doors are locked or not. We loved this device and recommend it to anybody looking for some more control over their vehicle.

Anti-Sleep Pilot


anti sleep pilot

Our second gadget is a real lifesaver that should be included in every car on the road. Tiredness causes a huge amount of auto accidents and this can be avoided with a little common sense. All too often we get behind the wheel and don’t realize just how tired we really are. Road safety advisors recommend that we stop every 2 hours as an absolute minimum, but many of us ignore this at our own peril.

The Anti-Sleep Pilot is here to help and it really is a fantastic way to ensure that drivers are taking no unnecessary risks. Before using this device you are required to complete a questionnaire that is then used to calculate your individual profile. These details are very important as we all have a different metabolism and react differently to things depending on various factors. Your age, sex and physical details are all entered into the complex algorithm that calculates your personal fatigue results.

Once you have dialed this information into the device, you can start your journey. The Anti-Sleep Pilot will then monitor your fatigue as you continue your journey. You will be required to respond to various alertness tests as you are driving and the results of these will be stored in the bespoke profile database you have already created. At some point in your journey you will be told to take a break, this should be adhered to if you wish to have a safe journey.  This is an incredible development that we believe will cut down the chances of you having a fatigue related incident whilst driving!

Safe and Sound!

Both of these gadgets are most definitely here to help, and we believe your driving experience will benefit from the addition of either of them!

About Author: Harry Blake, is an automobile expert and a consultant at, an online tire store. He likes blogging about various topics involved with the automobile industry and likes to stay in touch with the latest technologies.

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Spice Up Your Driving Experience With These Cool Car Gadgets!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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