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Things to consider before you buy a SMART TV

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A SMART TV is basically a TV that’s also a computer. During the heydays of the color tube and a TV could take up half your living room, all a television set did was turn signals into color that our eyes could see. Now, LED and LCD technology has made this process cheaper, more environment-friendly and compact. But even beyond processing data into images, the television has now evolved into being a computing device in itself, hence the SMART TV.

  Smart TV So what’s the fuss about a TV that’s also a PC?

Well, aside from the potential for huge screens that can support high-res images and video playback, being able to perform some computing processes on your TV expands its entertainment capabilities. This means that local channels, cable and a DVD player aren’t your only options when you have a SMART TV.

When your television set has processor and file storage, this means that you can surf the web right on your TV set, without the need for an actual computer. Before the SMART TV, you could only use an LCD or LED TV to extend your computer’s display. Now, you don’t need a computer to check your mail, social media accounts and watch Youtube videos. As long as you have a wireless internet connection that your TV can detect, you can just switch to the browser installed on the unit. You can download movies, music and videos from certain sites and services depending on the brand of your TV.

Wow, that’s awesome. But what else should I know?

Although a SMART TV is indeed a great piece of tech, not a lot of people know just what its capabilities are and how far they can push this awesome device.
Smart TV

Essentially, the only way a SMART TV can be better or more than an LED TV is to make sure you have the hardware and services to support all its functions. This means that you have a stable internet connection that the television can detect. If your house isn’t set up with a great internet connection, you can consider your SMART TV just a fancy LED TV.

Aside from the internet, a SMART TV should be able to sync with other devices. If you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device, then your TV should be able to mirror your gadget’s screen. Screen mirroring means that when you sync the device to your TV, the TV acts as an additional display for your device wirelessly. If you want to use your TV for VoIP video calls, just connect your device through the screen mirroring function. If you don’t have an iOS or Android device, then you possibly have another reason not to get a SMART TV and just buy a cheaper LED or LCD model.

Lastly, your sources for content are important in determining the model of the TV you’re getting. A SMART TV can most probably accommodate a cable subscription, local channels, disc players, flash drives, portable hard drives and even a local media server. If all you have or plan to use for your TV are local channels and cable, you might be better off with an LED or LCD TV. A cheap color tube model is also viable for basic content sources.

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